Life Expert Centre

Life Expert Center is an ambulatory medical center where experienced physician specialists and other health care providers work closely together in a team.

You are always central. Highly specialized healthcare professionals who take care of your personal wishes and needs, will support you.

Our experts come from different disciplines and all work in hospitals and other healthcare institutions.

In Life Expert Center they combine their expertise from different fields to ensure highly personalized care around the patient.

In person

  • You will be received in a discreet and restful environment
  • Our team provides a personalized treatment


  • Appointments are possible in the very short term
  • During the same visit, several studies can be combined, as well as several experts consulted


  • You can contact us after the usual hospital hours
  • Appointments are possible outside of office hours

Starting life

Reproductive medicine

Our Starting Life activities offer solutions for fertility problems, both in women and men.

Starting Life

Lifelong Care

Experienced attention to quality of life

Our Lifelong care experts assist you in maximizing your quality of life. With each their specialism they engage in a multi-disciplinary relationship to form your team.

Lifelong Care