• Individual guidance of infertility patients
  • Ovulation induction, IUI, IVF, ICSI (eg Antwerp region)
  • Second opinion, re-evaluation of fertility files after previous treatment
  • International patients (Dutch, English, German)
  • Egg donation, known and anonymous, second opinion after previous failures

Dr. Valkenburg obtained her degree in medicine at the University of Utrecht in 1984, and simultaneously did a study in hospital sciences.

Retired her American Art Examination, married an American, and after her education in Maastricht she moved to Gynecologist to Belgium in 1990, due to the work of her husband..

She obtained her Fertility specialization at the VUB in Brussels. After 10 years working in Antwerp where she performed high risk pregnancies and surgery,
she decided in 2002 to focus entirely on Fertility, and went to work together with LIFE-URG, partly because of the international character of this service.

Dr Valkenburg specializes in Egg donation and second-opinion files, for which patients contact her.

Given the location in Antwerp, the patients are then sent on to the Life Expert Center, Heilig Hart Hospital and for egg donation to centers in Spain and Portugal.

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