Prof Dr Philip Van Kerrebroeck


  • Diagnosis, therapeutic advice and follow-up in men and women with urologic problems.
  • Second opinion for patients with functional urinary problems, including multidisciplinary consultation.
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic approach of bladder problems in patients with neurologic problems.
  • Consultancy in case of infections of the urinary tract and male sexual organs.
Prof. dr. Philip Van Kerrebroeck graduated as medical doctor at the University of Leuven in 1978. He specialized in Surgery and Urology in Belgium (Brussels), the Netherlands (Utrecht, Nijmegen) and the USA (San Francisco). He holds a Master degree in Medical Sciences (University Antwerp) and obtained the PhD degree at the University Nijmegen with a thesis on bladder dysfunction in patients with spinal cord injury.

Since 1996 Professor Van Kerrebroeck worked as a urologist at the Maastricht University Medical Centre and is professor of Urology at the University Maastricht. He has a specific interest in different clinical aspects of functional problems of the urinary tract in women and men, including neurogenic bladder problems. Professor Van Kerrebroeck has a long-standing experience in giving a ’second opinion’ to patients within the broad field of urological pathology.