Our experts are highly specialized healthcare professionals from different disciplines, with complementary knowledge and experience.
They commit themselves to working together in a multi-disciplinary manner, to consult and to form a team around the patient.

They have an international network with suitable partners to evaluate, supplement and implement treatment plans.

Meet our experts

Prof Dr Maarten Albersen


Prof. dr. Dr. Albersen graduated as an urologist and followed an additional specialization in andrology, male sexuality and fertility. He is active as urologist-andrologist and researcher at KU Leuven and in the Life Expert Center.

Dr Evert Baten


Dr Frans Missotten

Plastic surgery

Frans EM Missotten graduated as a medical doctor from the "Facult├ęs Universitaires Notre Dame de la Paix de Namur" and from the "Catholic University of Louvain" in 1977. He specialized in Plastic Surgery in London, Liverpool and Manchester and in Cosmetic Surgery with Mr . Frederic V Nicolle at Harley Street, London.

Dr Helena Van Kerrebroeck


As a gynecologist, Helena Van Kerrebroeck specializes in urogynaecology and laparoscopic treatment of benign gynecological disorders.

Dr Lodewijk Van Wynsberge


Dr Van Wynsberge is a general urologist with a focus on preventive cancer screening (including prostate cancer and bladder cancer), surgical and medical treatment of urological tumors and second opinion uro-oncology. He is co-founder of the Urland Hageland Association (RZ-Tienen-Aarschot-AZ-Diest) and also works in the Life Expert Center.

Nadine Wiemeersch


Nadine Wiemeersch specializes in pelvic re-education and treats both urological and gynecological complaints. She also does prenatal and post-natal counseling, always on an individual basis.

Prof Dr Patrick Willems


Dr Willems is the founder and director of GENDIA (, a network of genetic laboratories. He is the author of more than 250 scientific publications, including many papers in top journals such as Cell, Nature and The New England Journal of Medicine.