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After six miscarriages, I became a mother

Audrey (43) was dumbfounded when a Life doctor said she could have a child anyway. After six miscarriages she and her husband Christiaan (38) had lost almost all hope.

Audrey: “We did not know what caused my miscarriages. In the meantime, there was no longer any prospect of treatment for me. We had already gone through all options. Still, I refused to give up my wish to have children, and so we ended up by Dr Valkenburg . I had nothing left to lose, so I emailed her. Apparently my mail had hit her because she called me on a Sunday and said she wanted to treat me.”

Audrey: “What did they do at Life? They examined me again and that went a lot faster. I had a very committed and loving team of specialists around me, who found out within a few weeks that I could not stay pregnant with my heart-shaped uterus.”

Dr Valkenburg: “Together with my team of specialists, I took the time to fully investigate Audrey. If you have had six miscarriages, something really is going on. In the end we operated on her. That is why she has become a mother.”

Dr Valkenburg: “Every woman with a pregnancy problem is different. To find out what the problem is, you have to solve a puzzle, because there are often several factors that play a role. Often women end up in fertility centers where they turn to their physicians with their problem. The head gynecologists are busy with other issues and do not see the patient. The doctors do not look at the total picture.”

Audrey: “I am especially happy that Eva (3.5 years old) is there. She is the best thing that happened to us. It is a treat every day to be with her and I love to be her mother. Eva is really our present.”

Share your experience. Tell your story.

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Who is the mother? Yes, me of course!

For eight years, Ingeborg (42) and her husband Menno tried to conceive. In vain. Eventually they opted for anonymous egg donation and they had two beautiful children.

Ingeborg: “We did not manage to become pregnant and we ended up in the medical windmill. Why it did not work, no one could tell, neither Menno nor me could find anything. We did everything: iui, ivf, … it was a tough time … Eventually we ended up at Dr Valkenburg in Belgium. After a lot of research it turned out that it was still my egg cells. Strangely enough, I felt relieved. Finally we knew what was going on.”

Ingeborg: “We did not want to introduce our own egg donor. We would then have to ask someone from our circle of friends or family, but it did not feel right to involve someone we know very well in our desire to have children. The clinic in Belgium worked together with a Spanish donor clinic. That is where we entered the oocyte trajectory.”

Ingeborg: “Menno has written a children’s book about egg donation. Our children are now six and four and we used the book to tell them what it is like. That was a nice way for us. We let our children know that they can be there. That is something fundamental and has nothing to do with egg donation. I do think that you should allow children who are involved in egg donation or adoption to be rooted. To let them know: you can be there. We have very consciously received children and the way is great. Our most important task is to make our children the most beautiful people in the world.”

Share your experience. Tell your story.

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Anita gave birth after 10 miscarriages of a healthy son

Miscarriages are unfortunately much more common than we think. Anita can talk about this. She had no less than 10 miscarriages, which could have been prevented afterwards. ‘It turned out that I had a T-shaped uterus’.

Anita: ‘Afterwards we sometimes wonder how we could have kept it all. Getting pregnant was no problem. But stay pregnant … If you cannot get pregnant in the Netherlands, there is a whole world of possibilities. If you can become pregnant but cannot stay, you get the answer: ‘Do you ever participate in the state lottery? Getting pregnant is just like that’. And you have to do it with that.”

“In a magazine we read the story of a woman who had had multiple miscarriages by a heart-shaped uterus. The woman from the article ended up by a Dutch gynecologist in Belgium. She has been helped by correction of her womb and they now have a healthy son. We wanted that too! We have looked up the address of this gynecologist, Dr Valkenburg from Hove (Belgium) and immediately sent an email.

“A week later we had an appointment. After several studies it turned out to be a T-shaped uterus. When I heard that I could be operated on with a simple operation, joy and anger alternated. We could do something about all the doctors in the Netherlands.”

“A month later I was operated in Genk. After three months of recovery we were allowed to try again to become pregnant. And I knew that. After 1 failed IVF attempt I was well pregnant.”

“I’ve never been so sick and cried for everything. But how happy I was! Nevertheless, we were of course still very afraid that things would go wrong. Fortunately things went well. After exactly 39 weeks our dear Teun was born, on February 27, 2017.”

“I hope that I can help other women with my story. If you do not know this, you will lose confidence in your own body. Teun is now nine months old, and I am still happy every day that we have made that call to Belgium!”

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Share your experience. Tell your story.

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