The goal of our “Starting Life” experts is to help fulfill your children’s wishes.

Our experts use the most innovative technologies to guarantee the highest specialized care.

We are committed to personalized treatment, flexible consultation options, psychological support and maintaining good cooperation with your other health professionals, such as referring gynecologists and general practitioners.

Our “Starting Life” division originated from LIFE Leuven © (Leuven Institute for Fertility and Embryology), the center located in Leuven, Belgium, which has been active since 1984 in the field of fertility and has always played a pioneering role, both on a scientific as on a clinical level.

For our “Starting Life” treatments we work closely with the Unit for Reproductive Medicine (URG) of the Regional Hospital Heilig Hart Leuven, and with the fertility center of the Hospital Oost-Limburg (ZOL).

Unit for Reproductive Medicine (URG)
T. 016 / 20 90 30
F. 016 / 20 90 40

Fertility center of the Hospital Oost-Limburg (ZOL)
T. 089 / 32 77 28
F. 089 / 57 98 69

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